Pull It Up!

Hey friends!

For those of you that don’t know, I have been lucky enough to change jobs in the recent weeks. I went from working a boring desk job to a job that has me on my feet, movin and shakin all day! Now, if you’re of the folk that like sitting still all day, kudos to you. I cannot do it, so I really do appreciate the fact that you can! 

My new job also requires me to wear my hair up. Every day, every shift! So I thought it would be fun to put a little challenge out there. I want to see how long I can go without wearing my hair the same way. I haven’t decided if variations count. Such as “ponytail with a pouf” vs “ponytail with braided bangs”. What do you think? Should it count as a different hairstyle or the same? 

I’m quite excited because it will give me a chance to try new things and maybe impress some of my new co-workers. Ha! Do you have any suggestions? Anything you want to see me try? Today counts as Day 1 of my Pull It Up! Challenge…Believe me when I say that there will be pictures. 

Now, go to Pinterest and send me some links of hairstyles that you want to see me attempt!


Small Victories

Recently, I learned just how much I appreciate the small victories in life. I try to set three goals for myself every morning when I wake up: drink 5 liters of water (or 5 of the big SmartWater water bottles), make good food choices, and accomplish something.

Today, I reached my water goal and my accomplishment goal. A family friend and I have been in the process of gutting out my closet and hanging up a new organizational system. Well it was finished today! I’m still figuring out where I want things, but I LOVE it. I already have room for so much more, and the best part is, I can see everything without having to shuffle the closet doors. Pictures to come tomorrow. 🙂

Some of you may be wondering why I started this blog. I have so many favorite blogs that I enjoy reading, and blogging helped them track their transition to fitness and nutrition. Which is the direction I am headed, friends! The time arrived a LONG time ago, but gosh darn it, enough is enough!

See you tomorrow with a real post. 🙂

Wow! Talk about bad blogging. Things have been crazy since changing schools and cities!

I think moving back in with my parents full-time has been the biggest and most difficult adjustment. I lived with roommates for the past 3.5 years and had my own schedule. I still do have my own schedule, but I also have four other people living with me. The biggest adjustment is that now I do things “their” way as opposed to the way that I would do things when living with others. Like doing laundry. On my own, I would do laundry whenever I needed to and it would be my clothes. But now, if I’m doing laundry, I have to check everyone’s baskets so that I can make sure I have a full load…Which has never been a problem with me. I mean, I am the girl who goes through about three outfits a day! ha!

My favorite thing about my transition was moving back to my big city! I could probably be a small town girl if I wanted to, but there’s something exhilarating about having a big city to explore. I’ve lived here for 22 years and still haven’t seen or experienced everything. Plus, having a large variety of places to eat and shop isn’t so bad either!

Changing schools has been a challenge for me. I went to a school of about 20,000 students. Which sounds huge, but a lot of those are online or distance students. I lived on a small campus and knew my way around very well. Now, I’m at a school of 52,000 students. Huge difference, y’all! I know where my classrooms are and that’s it. Suffice to say, I am not the person to ask for directions on campus! I’ve made a handful of new friends, and they’re not snotty like the ASU kids are predicted to be.

I think leaving Flag was the best thing I’ve done for myself, even if I doubted it in the first couple months. I’m able to do things I couldn’t in Flag…Like run with my dog, see my family daily, and teach colorguard.

Life is good.



In my previous post, I discussed how unhappy I was with my weight. And you know what? It’s gone up since then. Granted, it’s only by three pounds, but still. Three pounds is three pounds, right? And it’s three pounds too many, if you ask me.

The worst part is (and I only have myself to blame, here) that I haven’t done anything to change my lifestyle or my habits. During the first week of the New Year, I did a really good job with being active-  Oliver and I hiked four days out of that week. I was really proud of myself, too. But the second school and rehearsals started, things got a little crazy.

I keep reminding myself that each day is a new day, a chance to be better than I was before. And as little sense as this makes, my craziest schedule-wise days are the days I eat best. So I’m making some goals for myself:

  • Plan out what I’m going to eat
  • Track calories and points
  • Be more aware of what I’m eating
  • Cut out soda
  • More exercise

But, along with those things, I need to remember that I will mess up and not every day will be perfect. A girl can only try, right?

What do you do to keep yourself on track with goals and how do you reward yourself when said goals are achieved?


Two days ago, I hit a major breaking point.

I was at a local plasma-donation center, where they took my weight. Once the machine beeped, I casually glanced at the technician’s paperwork. It had been months since I stepped on a scale, so I had no idea where this number would fall.

…..And it was not what I was hoping for. In fact, it was the exact opposite. You see, I have this “absolutely not okay” weight set for myself in my head. And that number is a daunting three pounds away from where I should not be, or want to be.

I’m not someone who bases how she feels about herself by the number that the scale reads. Or at least I try not to be, because I know that weight is just a number. Granted, to see that number written down on paper, making it a fact, not an “I think”, is not a good feeling. I realize that it’s important to go by how I feel– and not a number.

So, what am I going to do about it?

Well, for starters, I’m going to take a serious look at how I’ve been eating. I know things need to change. This time last year, my fridge and freezer was packed with veggies and other healthier foods. I wish I could say the same for this year.

Also important is upping my exercise level. I used to be a runner. And I use the term “used to” very loosely, because there were months when I would run more than others. My running shoes have stared at me every time I open my closet, begging to be taken out for a run. It’s time for me to quit neglecting it–I love that runner’s high, and knowing that I’ve done something good for my body.

So if you will, join me on this adventure as I fall back in love with running, continue to learn about myself and my world, and run until my heart is content.


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