Wow! Talk about bad blogging. Things have been crazy since changing schools and cities!

I think moving back in with my parents full-time has been the biggest and most difficult adjustment. I lived with roommates for the past 3.5 years and had my own schedule. I still do have my own schedule, but I also have four other people living with me. The biggest adjustment is that now I do things “their” way as opposed to the way that I would do things when living with others. Like doing laundry. On my own, I would do laundry whenever I needed to and it would be my clothes. But now, if I’m doing laundry, I have to check everyone’s baskets so that I can make sure I have a full load…Which has never been a problem with me. I mean, I am the girl who goes through about three outfits a day! ha!

My favorite thing about my transition was moving back to my big city! I could probably be a small town girl if I wanted to, but there’s something exhilarating about having a big city to explore. I’ve lived here for 22 years and still haven’t seen or experienced everything. Plus, having a large variety of places to eat and shop isn’t so bad either!

Changing schools has been a challenge for me. I went to a school of about 20,000 students. Which sounds huge, but a lot of those are online or distance students. I lived on a small campus and knew my way around very well. Now, I’m at a school of 52,000 students. Huge difference, y’all! I know where my classrooms are and that’s it. Suffice to say, I am not the person to ask for directions on campus! I’ve made a handful of new friends, and they’re not snotty like the ASU kids are predicted to be.

I think leaving Flag was the best thing I’ve done for myself, even if I doubted it in the first couple months. I’m able to do things I couldn’t in Flag…Like run with my dog, see my family daily, and teach colorguard.

Life is good.


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