Small Victories

Recently, I learned just how much I appreciate the small victories in life. I try to set three goals for myself every morning when I wake up: drink 5 liters of water (or 5 of the big SmartWater water bottles), make good food choices, and accomplish something.

Today, I reached my water goal and my accomplishment goal. A family friend and I have been in the process of gutting out my closet and hanging up a new organizational system. Well it was finished today! I’m still figuring out where I want things, but I LOVE it. I already have room for so much more, and the best part is, I can see everything without having to shuffle the closet doors. Pictures to come tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Some of you may be wondering why I started this blog. I have so many favorite blogs that I enjoy reading, and blogging helped them track their transition to fitness and nutrition. Which is the direction I am headed, friends! The time arrived a LONG time ago, but gosh darn it, enough is enough!

See you tomorrow with a real post. πŸ™‚


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